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DOD Federation Mapper’s Corner

Welcome to the DOD-F mapping section. This has been a dream we had for a long time, making a mappers’ corner for our DOD Source community.

This will offer communication tools, hosting webspace for projects, extensive links section with search engine and more.

What do we have setup at this point? An extensive mapping tutorial link section with a search tool.

We also have a TeamSpeak voice server for mappers to discuss things. All one needs to do to have access to the voice server is first install a client version found here and then hit our mapping forum and request access and a password will be PM to you.

Hosting webspace can be granted to mappers, modelers and coders for related projects that have to do with DOD:Source. All projects need to be accepted. If so the person gets a personal FTP access, a sub domain name (ex: if you wanted one, it would be for the root folder).

There will be no ads/commercial links and it’s up to the mapper to build his website. Others here in the DOD-F can help out should you need some. You will have to agree to our terms to use it.

The terms will be to host content related to DOD:Source only, you will need to comply to all US laws on copyright and other laws that apply. If you are caught using the website for any illegal use like transfering hack software or any other illegal content, your website will be closed on the spot. You will have a space limitation depending on the project.
Any suggestions are welcomed, either use the contact us form or head on to the mapping forums.

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