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DOD Federation map testing subscription

The DoD Federation aims to provides quality feedback for mappers. One way we do this is to organize playtests, upon request. If you would like to participate in these playtests, please sign up and we’ll email you the pertinent details whenever we have a playtest scheduled.

Before you sign up, make sure you have read the rules and have agreed to them.

We’ll let you know the date/time, the server location, and how/when the map will be made available. As much as possible we will do this in a timely manner. However, with testing sometimes deadlines are cut close, so, on rare occasion the notice may be short.

All we ask in return is that you register in our forum and post feedback for the mapper. All feedback, even critical, is welcome, so long as you contribute in a mature fashion. So, if you love custom maps and you want to participate in testing and you are serious about it, sign up and help make DoD:S custom maps even better!



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