File description: CRUZADERAZN’s 101st [UPDATED] UPDATE -Player skins updated. -Skin tones match. (with the help of my sister, since I’m colorblind) -Normals optimized -Sleeves now included. (hands curtesy of Wile E. Coyote) -Gear skin updated to match player skins. -“Blown off” helmet not resembles proper skin [these pictures were taken straight from hlmv with no photoshop editing besides the text] – – – OLD- – –Replaces allied skins with much higher-res textures. -Includes different faces and attire for each class. -Includes matching vgui/hud elements to match skins. -Alternate versions of certain classes are available. -Includes normals. credits model: default, skin: Cruzaderazn (original gear by Wile E Coyote)





File description: REL] Waffen SS Axis Skin I kinda got tired of skinning for the Allies so I just gave the Axis a go again lol. I wanted to do something different, but still wanted it to be SS, so heres what I came up with…. -=INFO=- – The base skin is from Wile E Coyote. [as usual ] – The parts were all put together by PR0PEN, with the exception of a few parts. – Hands come from PR0PEN. – Thats about it -=WHAT I DID=- – Gave this skin a splinter camo tunic. – Added proper Waffen SS patches to the collar. – Made the field boots a blackish color. [Many German soldiers actually painted their boots black in WWII] – Recoloered everything, tunic, pants, helmet, boots, face, & hair. – Also retextured everything above. – Included reskinned/retexed gear from Wile E Coyote. – Included war-torn hands by Cpt. Higgins. – Included a brand new sleeve to match the splinter tunic




File description: Fantasy Skins v.1 size = 2048 x 2048 none of these uniforms are realistic; they are not what you would have seen on the European front









File description: LateWar skinpack v.1 with help from Rascal. size = 2048 x 2048, alternate 1024 x 1024, 12 different characters, normal mapped, sleeve skin, hand skin.